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At Aventus Law Group, we are not just another law firm. We are a team of experts in international tax law, ready to guide businesses and individuals looking to expand beyond their national borders. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet the unique needs of U.S. and foreign-based clients, providing professional guidance every step of the way.

We understand that every client is unique. That’s why we tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether you’re a U.S. company looking to grow overseas or a foreign corporation aiming to establish a foothold in the U.S. market, we’ve got you covered. Our proactive approach to international tax planning and compliance ensures you can confidently embark on international ventures. 

Beyond planning and compliance, we are adept at resolving international tax controversies. With offices in Orlando, Miami, The Villages, and Atlanta, Aventus Law Group can provide local and international clients with the legal expertise needed in today’s global marketplace.

We invite you to explore our suite of services and reach out to schedule a free consultation. Our team is ready to assist you with any aspect of international tax law and business advising.

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Understanding International Tax Law

Navigating international tax law requires understanding the laws, treaties, and strategies involved with regulating business across borders. As companies continue to shift to digitized operations and each country has precise rules regarding multi-national transactions and operations, it becomes essential to understand the dos and don’ts of international business practice.



FIRPTA stands for the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act. It imposes taxes on foreign persons looking to dispose of their real property in the United States. FIRPTA safeguards the United States’s ability to maintain a profit from the sale of real property within its borders. Failing to comply with FIRPTA can lead to hefty penalties from the IRS. Because of the severe penalties associated with FIRPTA non-compliance, it’s essential to have experienced international counsel by your side to navigate its rigid requirements.


Tax Advising and Planning for Foreign Business Owners Investing in the U.S.

Foreign investors looking to operate their company in the United States may take advantage of provisions offering tax liability reductions. Generally, nonresident aliens will only owe taxes on income sourced in the United States. We’ll guide what portions of your company’s income are sourced in the United States and guide you through other aspects of the U.S. taxation process, such as gift and estate taxes.


Tax advising and planning for domestic business owners investing outside the U.S.

For United States citizens, the prospect of doing business abroad comes with atypical tax considerations. United States citizens can implement specific strategies to reduce liability in global operations. We’ll help you take advantage of tax treaties and formation issues like entity selection. We’ll also ensure your company complies with relevant reporting requirements when engaging in international transactions.


Cross Border Transactions

Cross border transactions are challenging aspects of the law. Companies must consider factors like differences in legal systems and political conflict. Whether your company has decades of international experience or wants to plant a seed across borders, our skilled attorneys can provide expert counseling. We’ll help you strategically plan your next international investment, negotiate with overseas corporations, and provide comprehensive litigation support.


General Counsel Services

We offer a full suite of general counsel services. We’ll guide you through contract management, transactional advice, litigation, arbitration, and any other area of the law your company needs.  We offer various billing and service models, including outside general counsel service and retainer-based representation.


Compliance and Reporting Requirements

Failure to comply with domestic and international tax laws carries serious consequences. Our firm takes a proactive approach to reporting requirements. We’ll help your company establish a comprehensive compliance policy to ensure accurate accounting is a staple in your company culture. Should you fall out of compliance, we have extensive experience challenging agency findings and will represent you in all mediation, arbitration, and litigation stages.


International Tax Planning and Compliance

Understanding the near and long-term consequences of international tax planning is critical in today’s increasingly global economy. ALG can effectively manage compliance with the regulations of every tax system. Whether you are a large multinational or just starting, we have an array of international tax planning services to suit every need. We can help your company plan for cross-border mergers and acquisitions, provide tax modeling services, and even engage in international tax dispute resolution services. As a result of our services, you’ll position your company for peak profitability.

International Tax Lawyer Florida

Cross-Border Transactions: Navigating the Complexities

Your company needs a meticulous approach to cross-border transactions. Varying legal systems, cultural differences, and fluctuations in currency values are just a few of the many considerations involved with these complicated transactions. Our approach begins with researching overseas markets to scope out opportunities and risks. We’ll determine your key objectives and how to reach them efficiently, all while remaining compliant with international law.

Transfer Pricing and Taxation

Transfer pricing is how the IRS and other regulatory authorities determine what portions of a multinational corporation’s income are subject to U.S. taxes. This type of tax applies to related parties engaging in cross-border transactions. With strategic planning, taxpayers may avoid specific transfer pricing penalties. Understanding how to minimize transfer pricing taxation goes a long way toward increasing profit margins in international transactions.

Resolving International Tax Disputes

Our team of experienced international tax attorneys knows what it takes to handle even the most complex international tax dispute. We have fast experience representing clients in international disputes involving double taxation, transfer pricing disputes, tax classification disputes, and permanent establishment disputes, among others. Addressing these intricate issues involves understanding international tax laws, treaties, and foreign tax policies. Our tax attorneys will negotiate with international entities on your behalf and challenge bogus agency findings, ensuring that your company never pays more taxes than it rightfully owes.

Global Taxation Trends and Updates

Global tax laws are constantly changing. In the age of increased digitization, many companies are expanding overseas without a physical footprint. As a result, scores of countries have imposed stringent registration requirements for digital and remote services. Furthermore, with rising inflation becoming a global crisis, countries have developed ways to tax international businesses to fend off inflation indirectly. With heightened requirements involving registration and tax rates, it’s more important to have experienced legal counsel by your side to ensure your company stays compliant with international law and strategically plans expansion efforts to avoid nations that are imposing increased tax rates on cross-border transactions.

Environmental Taxes and International Trade

Environmental taxes and international trade often get tangled. While it’s essential for international businesses to do their part in combating shared ecological issues, companies should implement strategies to ensure that compliance with environmental responsibilities does not disproportionately compromise their bottom line. Our experienced attorneys are familiar with environmental taxation and will help position your company to achieve maximum profitability and sustainability.

Digital Economy and International Taxation

The digital economy captures various digital goods and services, making taxation across borders a pressing challenge. Some taxation issues regarding the digital economy include determining where taxes are owed and how they should be collected. The firm provides strategic advice to harness opportunities and mitigate risks associated with digital taxation, ensuring that companies stay ahead in a game where the rules are constantly changing.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in International Tax Law

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are shaking the foundations of traditional tax systems. Different countries maintain distinct rules for taxing cryptocurrencies. Some countries tax crypto like conventional stocks, while others treat crypto as capital gains. From understanding decentralized systems to navigating cryptocurrency taxation, ALG has the know-how to guide our clients forward.

International Tax Implications of Remote Work

The rise of remote work is reshaping how businesses handle tax obligations. Companies hiring remotely must be aware of employee registration requirements, permanent establishment rules, and registration requirements for indirect taxes. Your company needs to be in compliance with both international tax and employment laws. As such, professional guidance is a necessity for companies looking to expand remotely across borders.

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