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Business Lawyers in Florida

Our experienced Florida business law attorneys offer comprehensive legal services to businesses of any size. Whether you’re an up-and-coming start-up or an established corporation, Aventus Law Group is here to help.

We are a top-notch business law firm in Florida. We’ll help you navigate your company’s many challenges in the modern marketplace. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, our attorneys will deliver customized legal solutions that align with your company’s goals. Reach out today for a no-cost consultation to discuss your goals with one of our accomplished business law attorneys.

Key Services

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Business Lawyers Dedicated to Your Business Success


Aventus Law Group is a results-driven firm with a modern touch. Our highly skilled and deeply experienced team uses a client-centered approach to deliver the best result possible. In today’s fast-paced economy, you need a firm that can keep up with your evolving needs and provide cutting-edge solutions.

We know what it takes to close multi-million dollar deals and defend clients against some of the country’s most aggressive agencies. When it comes to protecting your interests, we don’t cut any corners. We know when to fight back and ensure your best interests are accounted for.


Our Firm’s Specialized Business Law Services


Choice of Entity & Corporate Formation


Our experienced business law attorneys in Orlando will help you choose your business’s legal entity. Your selected entity’s internal structure, tax treatment, and liability protection significantly affect your company’s success. Our team is here to guide you, whether it’s forming an LLC, corporation, partnership, or another entity type.


Navigating Business Structures for Optimal Success


Business structure tremendously impacts your company’s legal obligations. Our Orlando attorneys know how to find the best fit for your circumstances. Your entity choice should align with your vision and maximize opportunities for success.

Certain entity types, like corporations, come with heightened operational requirements. We’ll help you understand each entity type, empowering you to make an informed decision. By relying on us, you can confidently choose the entity type that provides the optimal balance of protection, flexibility, and growth potential. 


Corporate Finance


Navigating the intricacies of corporate finance demands a nuanced approach that harmonizes with your company’s ambitions. Our legal professionals bring a wealth of expertise to the table. From the dynamics of debt and equity financing to the intricacies of securities offerings and financial regulations, we’ve got you covered.


Professional Solutions for Financial Structuring and Compliance


We create financial structuring solutions that align with your company’s needs. Whether it’s traditional bank loans, private equity injection, or venture capital, we leverage our business law experts to meticulously orchestrate every transaction. Our precise approach fortifies your company for sustained growth.

Corporate Governance


Corporate governance is the glue that holds your organization’s reputation together. Our firm develops and implements governance procedures that are legally compliant and ethically sound. With our guidance, you’ll build stakeholder trust and improve your long-term sustainability.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Management


Our law firm keeps you up-to-date on the evolving landscape of corporate governance. We’ll draft and review your corporate bylaws, board resolutions, and other governance documents. 



Adequate funding is a cornerstone of business. Whether you’re a startup preparing a pitch deck or an angel investor looking to do due diligence, we’ve got you covered. 


Securing Capital through Strategic Financial Planning


Our Orlando business law attorneys have the network and knowledge to explore various financing options. We have a legal expert for every step of your financing journey, from negotiating term sheets to drafting a buy-out. 


International Transactions


Whether you are a non-U.S. company seeking to establish a presence in the United States or a U.S.-based company looking to invest abroad, Aventus Law Group is here to guide you through the process. Our experienced Florida attorneys provide comprehensive legal support for all international transactions and cross-border business activities. 

We advise U.S. and foreign companies on structuring interests in foreign ventures. Our team is highly skilled in international tax planning. It is well-equipped to defend you if you encounter international tax trouble.


Expertise in Cross-Border Business Deals


Our expert attorneys negotiate international transactions, such as joint ventures, licensing, and distribution contracts. We’ll identify and mitigate legal risks associated with currency fluctuations and regulatory compliance. Our Florida attorneys also provide guidance on international tax planning, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. 


Mergers and Acquisitions


Our Florida business law attorneys have the expertise to guide you through every stage of the M&A process.


Comprehensive Support for Seamless Business Integrations


We conduct thorough due diligence to identify potential liabilities. We’ll fight hard to negotiate favorable deal terms. We also provide guidance on post-closing matters, such as employee retention, property integration, and regulatory compliance. 


Partnerships & Joint Ventures


We collaborate to draft clear, enforceable agreements that set the stage for a fruitful venture. You’ll plant your partnership on a solid legal foundation by partnering with our skilled Florida attorneys.


Structuring Collaborative Business Ventures for Success


We’ll work closely to understand your business objectives and identify potential partners. We also provide ongoing legal support to help you manage the relationship, resolve disputes, and protect you during business litigation. 


Private Equity Transactions


When it comes to private equity, our business law experts offer comprehensive support. We cover everything from adherence to securities regulations to crafting and fine-tuning private placement memoranda.


Navigating the Complexities of Private Investments


Our legal experts advise on strategic investments and appropriate vehicles, empowering clients to make well-reasoned decisions. Recognizing the critical role of diversification in private equity, we collaborate with our clients to construct portfolios that spread investments across various sectors.


Real Estate Capital Markets


Our counsel extends to a broad spectrum of investment structures, including guidance on real estate investment trusts (REITs). We conduct meticulous due diligence on real estate assets and financial entities to unveil potential hazards before our clients invest.


Strategic Legal Solutions in Real Estate Finance


We devise creative financing models that bolster returns while curtailing legal and fiscal vulnerabilities. Our attorneys remain abreast of market evolutions and regulatory shifts so they are equipped with the best legal tactics for their real estate ventures.


Reporting Requirements


Aventus Law Group offers exhaustive insight into business reporting requirements, ensuring compliance with all pertinent statutes. We advise publicly traded companies on their periodic reporting duties, including compliance with SEC regulations.

Our profound experience is reflected in our preparation of annual reports, proxy statements, and other necessary disclosures. We offer advice on internal controls and corporate governance matters to help our clients maintain unparalleled transparency and accountability.


Compliance with Financial and Regulatory Reporting


We assist clients in formulating robust compliance programs that meet the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Our attorneys provide expert guidance on financial reporting standards, such as GAAP and IFRS, ensuring the integrity and dependability of our clients’ financial records.

In the event of regulatory probes or investigations, we stand with our clients to conduct thorough internal investigations and develop strategic responses.


Stockholder Matters


We manage the complex interactions between companies, their shareholders, and other important parties. Our team has significant experience resolving stockholder disputes and navigating proxy contests with finesse.


Strategic Alliances


We leverage our vast network and industry-specific know-how to find the right partners for your company. Our comprehensive due diligence on potential partners identifies legal and financial concerns. Moreover, we consult on intellectual property management, safeguarding our clients’ precious assets.

Why Partner with Us for Your Business Law Needs


Proactive Legal Strategies for Business Growth


The best offense is defense. We’ll identify potential legal risks before they become problems that hinder your company’s growth. We develop customized legal strategies and provide ongoing legal support to help your business thrive.

Tailored Solutions for Complex Legal Challenges


Our industry knowledge and legal expertise allow us to develop innovative solutions to even the most complex legal challenges. We pride ourselves on providing responsive, personalized service to every client, every time.


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